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Github: https://www.github.com/plafl
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/pedrolopezadeva

About me

I'm Pedro López-Adeva Fernández-Layos.

In another lifetime I was an aerospace engineer and nowadays I am a data scientist. I love programming, math and physics and I try to balance everything with having a family and practicing sports.

I live in Madrid, Spain.


2022-10-01 Increasing complexity
2022-03-21 The Tennis Equation
2021-08-11 Random thoughts
2021-02-20 Job interviews
2021-01-28 Helicopter simulator
2020-12-30 TeXmacs
2020-12-05 Probability as logic (part 2/2): Cox's theorem
2020-12-04 Probability as logic (part 1/2): Introduction
2020-11-08 Julia first impressions
2020-11-03 I have a blog!